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Life Coaching

It’s a powerful conversation between a coach and a client. Just like coaching in any arena (like sports, arts, music) where a coach helps a client perform better, similarly in life coaching, a coach helps the client perform better in some key areas of their life.

 Who can benefit from life coaching?

Everyone can benefit from the support a coach provides. You can deal with the challenges life throws up on your own, just the way you’ve probably been doing so far. The difference is that with the support of a coach you will get to your goals much faster. Coaching can benefit everyone from corporate managers, business owners, entrepreneurs to students and housewives.

How can one benefit from coaching?

Your goals or challenges could be in any area of your life – performance, productivity, business, office-related, relationships, wellness, money or even a family matter. Sometimes we are so busy dealing with day to day matters in work and personal life that we don’t even have time to set goals, leave alone chase them. A coach can help you set clear goals and support you in moving towards them.

  What makes coaching work?

Coaching works because the coach becomes that one person to whom you decide to be accountable to, That itself works wonders because the primary aim of coaching is to move you into taking action. Especially on those aspects of your life that are important to you, but you have been ‘stuck’.

In coaching we believe that you are capable of are generating better solutions than you are currently generating. We believe that you are taking full responsibility for your life and all the answers are hidden within you. The skill the coach brings to the table is to help you bring out those answers.

A coach who tries to ‘fix’ you is ineffective because no coach (for that matter nobody other than you) really understands your challenges as much as you do and therefore is not in a position to give you perfect solutions. Only you can do that.