Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash 

Do you know

        when we use technology often, our brain cells pick up insignificant details rather than the significant ones?

        Excessive exposures make adults and children emotionally detached from reality?

        Neuroscientist believe that the blue light from our phones, suppress melatonin in the body causing one to be more alert and have a lower quality of sleep.

        Due to the increase in electronics, the average attention span has dropped by 4% now shorter than a goldfish.

We are running a rat race losing health and character, all we need to understand is the fact that digital mediums can exist without individual presence too and there is a necessity to slow down a bit.

Carl Honore, a Canadian journalist says, “Many of us have forgotten how to unplug and immerse ourselves completely at the moment. We have forgotten how to slow down”,

Key benefits of unplugging digital mediums:

·       Restores mental energy 

·       Stress relief 

·       Improved mental health 

·       Boosts immune system

·       Stronger family bond


Use DESO to enhance your quality of detoxification:


1.                   Dopamine – Appreciate yourself for deciding and keeping up with NO SCREENING TIME

2.                   Endorphins – Cuddle yourself and the child to feel good and feel safe, happy, and loved in the bonding.

3.                   Serotonin – sound sleep at least for 6hrs - 8hrs depending on your body’s needs.  Take a nap if required.

4.                   Oxytocin – Pick up a physical exercise like walking, jogging, yoga, cycling, Zumba, skipping, or jumping


Psychological Aspect                  


    Let’s understand from the child’s #perspective and #needs. What does the child really want? It’s unconditional love, belongingness, trust, and a feeling of safety.


   Schedule a time to play indoor games or plan an outdoor activity or a #book reading session or nursery activity or drawing or mimic each other to have a hearty laugh or music or dance or artwork or any other hobby.


   Perhaps the reward element available in video games can be simply fulfilled with your active presence or any of their preferred love language.


Learn from the child – What makes him glued for long? Listen with an open mind and appreciate his / her progress in learning new facts through digital mediums.


 Confess openly how you are also unable to quit phone & and social media addictions. Become buddies to support each other in this process. 


Every child would appreciate our open conversation and integrity. After all, they still continue to admire their super dads & moms in some frame of context.

Any threat will continue as long as we want to be. Take a deep breath, relax and work gradually towards change with supportive people and it’s okay if it’s progressing more slowly than expected.